What does "digital technology" mean?

This term refers to the tile's design that is printed onto the surface. "High Definition" is another industry marketing term to describe the process. Today, images that are created from photographs by a computer program are then applied to the tile by inkjets, much like modern office printers. With this technology the designs are more exciting and attractive than ever.

What are the different textures of tiles available in the market?

There are different effects/ textures available for Ceramic tiles for Wall & Floor. Majority of them available are listed below:

Effects available on Floor Tiles:
Matt, High Matt
Semi Glossy
Reactive, Channel
Luster, Colored Luster
Smooth, Rustic
Opaque, Transparent
Embossed (Temptation, Impression, Creation, Sensation, Elation)
PEI tiles for traffic dependent areas.

Effects available on Wall Tiles:
Ordinary Screen Prints.
3D effect.
Luster series with special gold and silver finish.
Satin Matt.
Smooth, Rustic.
Opaque, Transparent.

Will ceramic tile crack or chip?

When tile is installed properly it will not crack. It is possible to chip a tile when heavy objects are dropped on the surface.

What is laying with spacers?

Tiles can be laid with readily available spacers, thereby achieving a uniform gap, and the same can be grouted with suitable grouting compounds.

What's the best way to calculate the quantity of Tile I'll need?

Length times width of the area to be covered will give you square footage. For most installations, add 5-7% for cutting loss, and enough to keep on hand for any repairs. When the installation is on a diagonal, or when you are using a multi-size pattern, you should add 12-15%.

Why is a Vitrified tile superior to the ordinary Ceramic tile?

The manufacturing process of the Vitrified tiles is far more superior to Ceramic tiles. The Vitrified tiles are also homogeneous and consistent in composition. Ceramic tiles have merely a decorative coat on the top and hence their composition is not consistent.

How do I maintain and care for Ceramic Tile?

No need to wax or polish glazed Tiles. Simply wiping glazed Tile with a damp sponge or sponge mop is all that is necessary for daily maintenance. In case stains persist if it is not removed with detergent, use diluted hydrochloric acid or muriatic acid.



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